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Thursday, February 1, 2007

Common Urdu words in hindi songs

All of us who have heard Hindi songs must have at some point of time wondered what the meaning of Urdu words are. This is just a compilation of some of the common words by me. I hope you will find it interesting.

The list is unordered.

Tabassum : Smile, Smiling
Martabaa : Account, Class, Degree, Office, Order, Position, Rank
Kehkashaan : Galaxy
Aaftaab : Sun, Face
Gardish-e-shaam-o-sahar : Passage Of Time
Jalsah : Meeting
Laalaa-e-saharaa : Desert Flower
Sahaba : Wine, Esp. Red Wine
Saher : Morning
Sheher : City
Wirsah : Legacy
Dil shaad : Cheerful, Winsome
Irshaad : Instruction, Order, Command, Guidance
Naashaad : Cheerless, Joyless, Dull, Sad, Unhappy
Shaad : Bring Joy To, Cheerful, Delighted, Happy, Lightsome, Rejoicing, Winsome
Saahir : Magician, Wizard
Mojaain : Waves
Saahil : Beach, River-Side, Shore
Laal-e-lab : Ruby Red Lips
Surkhi : Lipstick, Redness, Title
Maikhaane : Drinking Bar
Surmai : Mackerel

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